Next Generation E-commerce

For all the billions of dollars invested in shiny new tech like AR and VR, it’s video that packs the excitement, energy, impact, and scalability. Since the beginning of television, marketers have realized the enormous sales power of motion and sound. Why has ecommerce relied on photos and text, when shoppers prefer to see products [...]

3 Tips to Develop a Customer-Obsessed Organization

As e-commerce matures, merchants can no longer throw product on a website and expect it to sell. Shoppers demand great experiences! They return to retailers that provide great navigation, product excitement, and seamless transactions. Retailers can no longer be customer-centric - they have to be customer-obsessed. What is the difference between customer-centric and customer-obsessed? Customer-centric [...]

The Speed of Commerce

UP TO SPEED: Ever watch a 15-25 year old navigate on their smart phone? They do everything at lightning speed, fingers flailing non-stop, as though life were an ongoing video game. During testing we record their web experiences in slow motion.  Otherwise their clicking and swiping are too fast to comprehend.  They are shockingly impatient. Grab [...]

3 Tips to Consider for Creating a Great UX

With brick-and-mortar stores focusing on digital shopping platforms retailers should be inspired to enhance their online user experience (UX), especially on mobile devices. Understanding what matters to your customer will set you apart from your competitors. With online shopping, consumers can’t physically touch or virtually try on your products so they rely on digital experience. Consumers [...]

Are Shoppers Happy With Their UX?

Are shoppers happy with their user experience?  It’s common for us to hesitate at the digital point-of-purchase. We don’t know how the product will fit, feel, or function. In brick and mortar stores, you usually have a better understanding.  At least you can try apparel on in the dressing room! Shoppers are raising their expectations for [...]